Tips To Keep Yourself Safe While Visiting Tourist Attractions In Australia

Tips To Keep Yourself Safe While Visiting Tourist Attractions In Australia

Millions of tourists from around the world keep a booming global economy fuelled each year. Australia counts for a large percentage of this tourism.  In 2012, tourism arrivals to the country increased by a staggering 4.6% bringing the total number of 6317Sydney coach hiretourist to the country up to 6.1 million.

These figures have spurred on the government to commit to a goal that will see A$140 billion invested into its tourism industry by 2020 in order to meet growing demand. Australia is becoming a world destination choice, but popularity and growth of the industry also brings with it unprepared tourists. Here are some tips to help you be more prepared and to stay safe when visiting tourism attractions in the country.

Sun Burn

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and for a good reason. The country is sunny nearly all year around. With sun comes UV rays, another factor in the country that adds to all the other hidden dangers. Snakes and spiders are scary enough, but unseen UV rays directly contribute to skin cancer. As for the short-term effects, a day out without sun protection could result in a costly hospital visit.

Avoid Being Bitten

Although Australia has a reputation for its hostile wildlife environment, you will rarely come across the more life threating creatures in urban areas. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Avoid walking into long grass or creeping around dark and shady corners of buildings or outbuildings. There is always a risk of something nasty lurking under the cover of darkness. These creatures don’t want to harm you, but they will defend their territory if they feel threatened.

As an added word of caution, you should always check the swimming pool before you take a dip. Some snakes are semi-aquatic, and then there is the funnel-web spider able to survive underwater for several hours. If you are staying in a hotel, the staff will routinely check the pool, but an additional self-scan for your own peace of mind is never a bad thing.


Although Australia doesn’t have a Malaria problem, mosquitos are still a worry. If you can avoid being bitten, then why not. Even though it is hot and you will sweat, wearing perfumes or after shave deodorants will attract a number of bugs. You will no doubt be unpleasantly surprised at just how many bugs want a piece of your designer eau de toilette, especially in the evening.

When you are shopping for anti-perspiration, look for a product that will reduce your perspiration instead of radiate sweet smells. You may find people appreciate your attractive fragrance, but you will also find the local gangs of insects will also want to show their appreciation. There are odourless deodorants out there that will stop you from smelling bad without attracting unwanted attention.

Pick Pockets

Being a tourist you are a prime target for professional as well as opportunist thieves. For them there is no telling what hidden treasures you may be carrying in your bag. Cameras, traveller checks, mobile phones are all valuable and so it is worth investing in a bag that will strap to your body and is easy to carry. Don’t leave things lying around unattended. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the same principles apply when it comes to keeping your belongings safe.

Travel Insurance

Make sure you get a decent travel insurance package that covers medical expenses, theft and flights. So many people fail on this one point of travel and the results can be financially crippling. Not only will you have an Australian holiday to pay off, you could be stuck with hefty medical bills or expensive replacement costs for stolen goods.

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