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Experienced local drivers ensure passengers arrive safely and punctually every time with local knowledge of routes, current road works and traffic delays. All vehicles are also scheduled to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure to guarantee passengers arrive comfortably and promptly.

Unforeseen circumstances can also greatly affect a business event. Flexibility is important to ensure events go to plan even with factors such as flight delays. Drivers and office staff are always willing to work on adjusting transfers where possible as required for your event.


Payment options

BusCharter.com.au offers various payment methods online for your business convenience. Some methods include Credit Card and Paypal. If this does not suit your business policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our office and we will attempt to arrange something suitable for you.

Please note all payments must be received in Australian dollars only ($).

Emergency contacts

BusCharter.com.au is contactable 24/7 for our clients. If there are any issues outside of operating hours, please contact our office 1800 BUS CHARTER and follow the emergency prompt at the recorded message. Office staff and after hours staff are experienced and trained to handle difficult situations and are eager to assist with any queries. 

Phone Bookings

Please note that in order for our company to offer the lowest prices, we encourage clients to use the online booking system. However, should you wish to make an “over the phone” booking, this will not attract any additional fee. We have taken measures to assist everyone by ensuring we continue to maintain the lowest prices within the bus and coach charter industry.

Our Celebrity Clients

BusCharter.Com.Au with USS Miguel Keith

BusCharter.Com.Au with USS Miguel Keith

BusCharter.Com.Au with the Australian Ballet

BusCharter.Com.Au with the Young Matilda’s

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A gift from the Young Matilda’s to BusCharter.Com.Au